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Organizing spaces has held a lifelong interest for me and I experienced a profound sense of clarity when I heard Marie Kondo emphasizing a focus on what her clients wanted to keep. I immediately binge-watched the rest of the KonMari series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” read “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” in one sitting, then started my own tidying festival directly after I set that book down. For me, the magic was indeed life changing, and I found that magic in the process of re-evaluating what I really wanted to share my space and life with, what I wanted to carry with me into the future.  

Nigh Home is the name of my organizing business.  The emotional energy around being nearly or almost home resonated deeply with me.  Nigh Home is here to support you with your home and office spaces. Nigh Home has a plethora of organizational tools, systems, methods and ideas to best match your specific needs around organizing, maximizing or minimizing. I will work with you on your budget and time management needs by providing an individualized plan. I specialize in finding unique solutions for small living spaces, multi-purpose living spaces (which is much more prominent these days with so many working from home), memorabilia or sentimental item storage and display, and supporting those going through major life transitions (new baby, divorce, empty nesters, retirement). 

You’re already closer to your goals than you might think. You can soon have a safe place to relax, a sanctuary. You can create a haven in which to spend your time enjoying the company of your family and guests, without worrying about too much stuff.

In fact… you’re nearly home.

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Nigh Home

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